Shirley's Story

I am a product of my product! I once was at the bottom of the barrel trying to get to the top. I worked for corporate America --living from paycheck to paycheck. Then the unthinkable happened: Death and major health problems rendered me unable to complete my work as I could before. My responsibilities didn’t stop or decrease much but that paycheck sure did!

What Now?

I began to scramble with what to do because I found myself with a tax lien, late payments and I couldn’t get approved for anything to help me climb out. To my surprise, a friend saw my plight and offered me help. I was introduced to credit restoration; I was a bit skeptical, but I took the plunge. This proved to be the best decision I could have ever made, I’m now out of that barrel! My tax lien was removed, I have no negative items on my credit report and my score it now excellent.

Meet Shirley

Shirley is passionate and adores what she does because she knows, first hand, that it works. Shirley followed the program, and now she is living life more abundantly.

Shirley Johnson

Shirley Johnson

Independent Credit Consultant

Shirley is a product of her product!

Shirley's Challenge to You!

Get help now! Take the first step to reach out and we'll help you do the rest. Get educated about your financial options and you'll learn how to leverage your excellent credit to the better life you know you deserve.